A Brief Introduction to Curb The Splurge

What is consumerism?

Consumerism is defined as continuous conspicuous consumption of goods and services as a means of happiness. It is often seen in society as a short term gratification and used as a method of demonstrating wealth and success.

What is Curb The Splurge?

Curb The Splurge is an online campaign run by Melissa Kuok for the course MDIA3005 at The University of New South Wales. The purpose of Curb The Splurge is to challenge the idea of excessive consumption as being essential to an individual’s long term happiness. The campaign aims to discuss consumerism in contemporary society, in hopes of triggering self-awareness in the audience. The campaign wants to encourage the audience to question their own daily purchases, the reasons behind why they purchase and demonstrate alternative ways to consuming and spending their time.

What will you see?

On this blog expect to see informative posts about the ways you can go about reducing your ethical consumption. We will discuss the reasons for consumerism, its success in Australia and ways in which institutions in society have perpetrated it. There will be posts about ethical solutions to consumption and ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Posts about artists and musicians who highlight the prevalence of consumption in society will also be featured and discussed.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved in the discussion around consumerism by engaging with our Facebook page or Twitter account. Feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience with consumerism!

Picture: Antony Calaroni, from Flickr. Creative commons license. Unedited.


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