My Consumerist Addiction Pt. 1

When I was approximately 14, in the middle of my adolescence, I became more aware of clothing and fashion. What brought about this sudden self-awareness I do not know. But suddenly I was self conscious of the hand me down clothing I would get from my sister. I began meticulously researching fashion brands. I had one obstacle that blocked my dream of being the trendiest … Continue reading My Consumerist Addiction Pt. 1

Ethical High Street Initiatives

Fast fashion is usually one of the drivers of unsustainable consumerism in society. Curb The Splurge has even mentioned it in a blogpost before. However not all is lost for the high street. If you are struggling to the right balance between choosing ethical brands and craving for the cheap, stylish threads found in high street stores, there is hope yet. Recently and most likely … Continue reading Ethical High Street Initiatives

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I recently received Marie Kondo’s novel on the Japanese art of tidying up and it has encouraged me to look more closely at the things I own and question the motives behind each new purchase. The novel follows Kondo’s simple rules for cleaning up your room or home. It is littered with useful lessons she has learnt, told through interesting anecdotes from her childhood. She has … Continue reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

How To Be Lazy: Apps That Make Ethical Decisions Easy

We get it. You’re lazy. For many people in the first world, technological affordances have allowed us to become lazy and comfortable in our lives. The first step in reducing consumerism begins with ethical consumption. The smart phone in your pocket can open up communities and create enduring relationships. Today Curb The Splurge will show you how mobile applications can help in making ethical decisions. … Continue reading How To Be Lazy: Apps That Make Ethical Decisions Easy