What You Can Find at the Markets

When I was young and couldn’t afford retail prices, I frequented secondhand clothing markets and thrift shops all the time. This was not because I was already a strong ethical consumer at age 14. No, I had a desire to increase my wardrobe like the mindless consumer I was (I’m working on it now).

Now that I’m older and hopefully a bit more wiser, I understand the importance of secondhand clothing markets and shops. They give your old clothes another chance to live – whether it is donated to Vinnies and Salvation Army stores or sold at markets. Most importantly, they are an excellent alternative to retail stores and fast fashion.

This week Curb The Splurge brings you a review of two of the most popular markets: Kirribilli Fashion Market and Glebe Markets.

1. Glebe Markets

Running every Saturday at Glebe Public School, these markets are one of the most well known markets in Sydney. This means you have to get in early if you want to snatch up a good deal. The markets open from 10am – 4pm, with live music from 12pm-3pm. The atmosphere at Glebe is excellent and the range of stalls are immense – second hand and locally produced goods everywhere.

2. Kirribilli Fashion Market

Located in the shadow of Milson Point train station, Kirribilli Fashion Market is a giant market full of secondhand clothing, art and design stalls. The market runs on the second Sunday of every month, from 9am – 3pm. I recommend this one if you are looking for clothes because the range of styles you can find here are varied. All of the stall owners (some are regulars) are super friendly and willing to bargain with you!


  • Be picky – these are still clothes that you will be taking home with you, so don’t be tempted by cheap prices.
  • Get in early if you are looking for things in particular.
  • Gozleme at both markets makes for a great lunch.

These markets also provide an opportunity to sell your old clothing that you don’t need anymore. For a fee you can set up a stall yourself. I have actually tried this with friends and although I only made a net profit of $30, it was a great experience.

Check out these markets on the weekend!


Image: Glebe Market by Tommy Lan (via Flickr)



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