How To Be Lazy: Apps That Make Ethical Decisions Easy

We get it. You’re lazy. For many people in the first world, technological affordances have allowed us to become lazy and comfortable in our lives. The first step in reducing consumerism begins with ethical consumption. The smart phone in your pocket can open up communities and create enduring relationships. Today Curb The Splurge will show you how mobile applications can help in making ethical decisions.

Doing research on environmental sustainability, transparency of supply chains and human rights track record can be exhausting and never-ending. A simple solution? Download an application onto your phone that does it all for you.

The Good Guide

This app lets you scan in the barcode of a product and find out information on the company. It tells you the environmental and social sustainability ratings available online. Customised product recommendations are built in so you don’t have to look too far to find ethical alternatives to the products you love. The app is free so you can start scanning and making the right decisions today.

Choose Cruelty Free

Choose Cruelty Free app shows you an entire plethora of cruelty free brands and products. The app is updated twice a year to show users the latest in cruelty free beauty, fashion and more. Download today to support an end to animal testing and promote sustainable consumerism with every choice you make.

Fairly Local

Fairly Local is an application that allows you to find the certified and fair trade cafes, shops and products near you. On their website you can contribute your own findings, drawing on crowd sourced data to verify much of the information.

These apps are only just the surface of what other applications can help you make ethical decisions when you eat, drink and shop. It is definitely difficult and daunting to jump into anti-consumerism and this campaign is definitely not asking that. Curb The Splurge is about raising awareness, and these apps do exactly that.



Image: Must Have Item by Bailey Cheng via Flickr.



4 thoughts on “How To Be Lazy: Apps That Make Ethical Decisions Easy

  1. Great article! Very much in line with what we stand for at Cut The Sweat! We are a campaign that looks at raising awareness in young Australians about ethical fashion. We look at human rights abuse in Sweatshop factories as our main issue and hope to change the neglect young people observe when buying clothes!

    We need to raise awareness for ethical practices to achieve social justice and equity! You should also check out an app called “Good on You” which rates how ethical fashion items are!

    Great to see a campaign like yours! Hope you have a look at ours too on our social media platforms @:


    Thank you!


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