My Consumerist Addiction Pt. 1

When I was approximately 14, in the middle of my adolescence, I became more aware of clothing and fashion. What brought about this sudden self-awareness I do not know. But suddenly I was self conscious of the hand me down clothing I would get from my sister. I began meticulously researching fashion brands.

I had one obstacle that blocked my dream of being the trendiest 14 year old. Money. I had no income and I hadn’t entered the work force. Try as I might to look for a job I couldn’t find a place that would respond to my empty resume. The solution? I turned to thrift shopping and markets to satisfy this need for consumerism.

As I have become older I have grown more heinous in my consumption habits. Various part-time jobs, online shopping, fast delivery times, stress from university and general existential questions that crop up are definitely factors that have contributed to this. I used online shopping as a short term gratification for the anxieties I have about life.

Here I sit, running an online social media campaign for university that targets consumerism. I thought I would take the time out to reflect on the reasons why I personally consumer in hopes of sparking a conversation on why you and we are a society might consume. Part 2 to come later on this blog…

Image: By Melissa Kuok at Shinsaibashi shopping arcade in Osaka.


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