Ethical Beauty: LUSH

LUSH is one of the leading brands in ethical consumerism. They sell fresh, handmade soaps and cosmetics with quality vegan and cruelty free ingredients. In the world of beauty and make up it can be hard to isolate down what brands are 100% ethical and what brands are using chemicals that have been tested by animals.

As mentioned before, it can be difficult to determine which brands to trust in terms of ethics. LUSH has disliked calling themselves as ethical company because they believe ethical and environmentally sustainable practices should be the norm in any business. This is a little idealistic as we know that normal business practices are to maximise profit and cut costs. However this positive attitude is perhaps one we need to steer the public into advocating more loudly for ethical businesses.

The range of causes LUSH supports is large and varied and they often use their shops to champion these campaigns. From banning animal testing, global nuclear disarmament and banning the plastic bag, there are a range of causes for you to support if you head over the to LUSH website.

Each country supports a range of different local and international causes, so head over to your local LUSH shop to check out their causes (and their products).



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